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Health & Population Management

MMARS offer an array of cutting-edge, best-in-breed and customized health and population management solutions.     The medical management delivery paradigm continues to change.  Let MMARS help you navigate these changes and identify new opportunities through the following products and services.  Key medical management services include:

Care management

  • Case management/care coordination
  • Complex, condition management
  • Assessments/HRAs/patient screening/care plans
  • Medication compliance and reconciliation
  • Transitions of care/readmission prevention
  • On-site and telephonic support
  • Prospective  screening capabilities
  • Utilization Management/Utilization Review

Chronic disease management

  • Affordable Care Act Programs
  • Customized chronic condition management programs


MMARS disease management is holistic in approach and integrated with case management services. To decrease fragmentation of care and improve outcomes of care, MMARS cross-trains case managers to provide both disease management and case management depending on the intensity of need. We provide disease management services for:

  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • HIV
  • High Risk Obstetrics
  • Hypertension


Prevention & Wellness

MMARS has recently teamed up with leading prevention and wellness experts to supplement its services to proactively manage targeted employer and union groups.  Through the Affordable Care Act and other initiatives, employers and others have new opportunities to offer wellness programs.  Program options include:

  • Coaching Model.  Utilizing personalized coaching with customized care plans and wellness goals
  • Meaningful Health Assessments.  Deploying a full range of assessments/HRAs/blood screenings
  • Wellness Care.  Access to a full array of evidenced-base wellness, nutrition and exercise programs
  • Web and App Support.  Leveraging a full range of technological and online support tools with dynamic tracking and monitoring functions.
  • Employer/Union Plans.  Supporting a wide range of vetted incentive programs to move from a “sick” culture paradigm to one of prevention/wellness/enhanced productivity. 
  • Outcomes and ROI Reports.  Leveraging the Trajectory Analytic Engine™ and other tools to create accurate and actionable information.


Resource Coordination

With states continuing to feel budget pressures from a variety of resources, many state medical assistance programs are deploying creating solutions to optimize the care delivered to the underinsured, uninsured and impoverished populations.  MMARS is a leading expert in how to provide “Resource Coordination” also known as “Independent Support Coordination” to targeted populations:

  • Real Experience.  MMARS has direct experience in working in states such as Maryland and Tennessee to help with populations with severe physical and mental disabilities. 
  • Staff Resources.  Often, these programs deploy a wide range of professionals to help with these populations including individuals with HR/Sociology/Psych/MSW degrees, in addition to nurses and case managers. 
  • Financial Guidance.  Financial coordination also become a key element to effective Resource Coordination. 
  • Inter-Program Coordination.  These types of interventions also can be used in combination with traditional heath and population management programs to ensure that patients are getting the best care possible.   


Value-Based Care

With the move to value-based purchasing models, including pay-for-performance and medical home initiatives, MMARS can provide the right resources with real time tracking and accountability tools.  This empowers MMARS to work with its clients to offer transparent and dynamic tools, covering:

  • Data Analytics.  Creating actionable information for clients, patients and providers.
  • Predictive Modeling.  Moving to a proactive screening paradigm that promotes enhance clinical and financial outcomes.
  • Quality Metrics.  Implementing a dynamic array of accreditation, outcomes and other quality metrics to showcase a quality-based program. 
  • Outcome Reports.  Promoting real-time comparative effective reporting with accurate return on investment reports. 


Other Resources/Solutions

MMARS can complement its core programs with a myriad of other solutions and services that can empower clients, providers, individuals to change their lives for the better with enhanced clinical and financial outcomes.  Here is an extended menu of solutions and services that MMARS offers:

  • Specialty Care.  Offering a full range of specialty care options covering care options such as bariatric, developmental disabilities, pediatric, transplant, long-term care planning, among other specialty services. 
  • Evidence-Based Care.  Promoting evidence-based assessments, care plans, clinical and guideline integration, and clinical program support.
  • Online Portals.  Optimizing provider and patient connectivity/engagement strategies through online web portals and other on-demand technology/mobile interfaces.
  • Workflow Standardization.  Developing and implementing standardized workflows and written policies and procedures to ensure efficiency and inter-rater reliability. 
  • Regulatory Compliance Programs.  Integrating regulatory and legal requirements stemming from the Affordable Care Act along with other federal and state requirements.
  • Technology Support.  Supporting a wide-array of technology needs including care management software systems, medical data abstraction, data interfaces, mobile solutions, and other software/coding solutions.